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Why Pod Moving Is the New Way to Go

What really adds to the stress in moving is the need to fit everything within a strict schedule. But with pod moving you have better control over your schedule. You no longer have to rush to finish packing everything just so you can have everything ready before the movers arrive.
With moving pods, you can allow yourself to schedule a longer period of packing. That's because you will personally handle the packing and loading of your things to the pod. If you pack gradually, so can you load them by installments as well. You would not even have clutter inside your home. The important thing is you schedule the pick up time such that you won't have to hurry yourself so much.
Aside from this, using moving pods allows you control on how you want to pack the pod. If you know the proper loading techniques, you can follow them to the letter because you are doing it yourself. Only you has access to your things too so there are lesser chances of losing things.
If you need to store your things for the meantime, most pod moving companies have storage facilities too. Instead of delivering your things to your new address right away, they can simply hold them for you in their facilities for a while.