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About Us

Brixton Removals is a professional removal company that offers all kinds of removal and moving services across London. Our professional and personalised service has helped us gain a positive reputation and customers’ trust in very little time.

What sets us apart from other removal services is that we treat each customer as an individual, taking into account their specific needs and requirements. We try to make each individual service that we provide a remarkable experience for our clients. Our clients are our first priority and we never forget that.

We are an established company and have worked hard to earn credibility and repute. We have valued our customers, their needs and their belongings and the secret of our service is simple: we treat every single item we are responsible for with the utmost care and attention. Irrespective of the nature, size or cost of the possessions we are entrusted with, we have always made sure that each and every single piece has been moved and delivered in perfect condition.

Brixton Removals is an ambitious company and we are always trying to raise the bar for ourselves and others. With impeccable service, competitive prices and excellent customer support, we are second to none. We take extra care in meeting the expectations of the people who trust us with their valuable possessions. We believe in honouring every iota of trust that our clients place in us and so far, we have achieved our goals without fail. The secret to our success has been that we derive satisfaction from the satisfaction of our clients and anything short of a 100 per cent is a disappointment to our team.

Our employees are our biggest strength. Each team member is a well trained professional, who excels in his/her job. This makes every one of them invaluable to us and the service they provide is unmatched.

Unlike many service providers, we do not believe in maintaining a wall between ourselves and our clients: we practice an ideal of transparent, friendly interactions so that our clients can participate in the moving process without any restrictions. We are always open to suggestions/opinions and will be interested in discussing every single detail with you.

Our motto of “customer first” has helped us meet our clients’ expectations time and time again, without any exceptions. We do not treat our customers as a source of business; rather, we tend to see our associations with people as positive relationships where mutual trust and respect is essential. We are not just interested in providing adequate service, but also in conveying our respect for our clients through our services. In keeping with those ideals, our moving vans are always squeaky clean, our team is always punctual and our service is always reliable. We are trying to redefine the way people look at removal services by creating an environment of mutual trust and satisfaction.

We provide a range of services and can handle all kinds of tasks, from small house removal jobs to large corporate removal projects. Big or small, every job is important for us. Be it moving a few boxes to the storage unit or moving your house to another state, we are here to help. With our expertise, the smallest and the biggest of your jobs will be completed to perfection.

Although we are based in Brixton, we offer removal services all over London and also undertake long distance removals. We are a one of a kind removal service and offer the combined benefits of flexibility, variety and affordability to our clients. To enjoy our trademark quality service, get in touch with the Brixton Removals team today!