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When Is Best To Move House?

Whilst you may be swamped with many questions about the move, one that will not be in your top ten is ‘which day of the week is best to move house on?’ This is because with all of the planning that goes on and with everything being so complexly arranged into this strange timetable of events, it kind of seems irrelevant to try and make things happen on certain days. However, if you can, there are some things to think about in terms of the positioning of the move day in the week and month. If you have any leeway on the matter, then a little advice could make your life a lot easier, so it is something well worth thinking about. For a start, the general rule is, do the move on the day that your favorite removals company can fit you in. The importance of having a removals company that you like doing your move is essential. When you are booking your removals company, check that they only take single bookings for the dates than they put in the diary. Given the erratic nature of the removals industry, there are many removals companies who protect their own interests by double or triple booking certain dates, in case one of them gets changed by an issue with the contractual arrangements. You will find that in the event that one of these companies gets double booked, they will only go with the most expensive job, which means that your clever bargain hunting could be completely undone at the last minute. Whilst the more trustworthy a company is the more expensive they are likely to be, it is often the case that this expense is going towards a service that is a lot more customer centric, and you will find that you end up getting what you pay for in that being shrugged off by a lesser removals company at the last minute will cost you a huge amount more than the pricier company that you turned down in favor of a cheaper quote. If you have to choose, avoid Fridays. There are many appeal that you rely on in a removal, and the solicitor in charge of the sale and purchase of your properties is one of them. On a Friday, things can get pretty busy, as everyone needs to get things sorted before the weekend gets in the way. For this reason, your chain from paying to getting the keys may well be interrupted by various people being busy with other things, which can seriously hold your move up. Also, if your move is held up on a Friday, then come 5:30, you are stuck! Solicitors and estate agents don’t work on Saturdays, and you will find that you may well have to rearrange the move for the next Monday, which will mean massive storage charges for all of your belongings, as well as a fee for the new removal, as it is basically another working day taken up for the removals company! This is the stuff of nightmares, and you need to avoid such things happening at all costs, lest you find yourself in a position that you are stuck for the weekend without your things, as well as having to pay twice for a single removal! Just think, all of that just because you moved on a Friday! Realistically, there are ways to protect yourself from this sort of thing, so talk to your removals company and solicitor about it beforehand.