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Pre-Moving Day Preparation Tips

Moving into a new home really requires a lot of planning and preparation, and if you don’t put the required time and effort into your house move then you’re going to end up facing a lot of problems and issues when it comes to moving day! If you’re moving house and looking for help, advice and tips then have a look at the following ways in which we can help you! 1)    Make a list.You’re going to need to do a lot of things for your move, so start by making a list. Consider the estate agent or landlord side of the move as well as things such as packing, hiring movers and changing over your bills and post to your new address. 2)    Gather supplies.Once you know all of the things required of you for moving day it’s time to start gathering moving supplies. Boxes, bubble wrap, foam packing peanuts and foam packing sheets can all come in handy, so shop around to find good deals. If you’re moving on a budget then consider using second hand boxes from your local shops to save yourself a bit of money! 3)    Hire your removal team.Moving house is a lot easier with the help of removal experts, and if you have a bit of extra cash to spare then it’s definitely worth the money! Look online and speak to friends and family for recommendations of businesses. Some companies offer a wide range of services, so you might even be able to buy your packing supplies or hire a storage unit from here too! Make sure to check reviews and ratings before hiring any company from the internet or one that you aren’t sure about – you don’t want to fall victim to any scams or schemes! 4)    Ensure everything is ready in your new home.Your new home should be prepared and ready for when you move in. Speak to your internet provider and phone line provider to ensure that your current plans can be carried to your new address, and make sure that your utility bills have also been passed over! You might also want to consider changing your address with the post office to save yourself time and effort, though it’s important to remember that this will incur a charge. 5)    Plan your end of tenancy clean.Your end of tenancy clean is something that often gets forgotten about until the last minute, so make sure you’re clued up about what needs to be done in your home. Most landlords and agents require you to leave your home clean and tidy, but double-check what yours requires to make sure that you’re doing the best job you can. If you don’t have time for end of tenancy cleaning then why not hire professional help from a local cleaning company? This can save you a lot of stress and worry! 6)    Pack in plenty of time.Give yourself as much time as possible for packing up your home. It’s easy to forget certain items, and boxing up your house often takes a lot longer than you might think! Always start packing the most unused items in your home before moving onto essentials – that way you won’t have to waste your time unboxing everything you’ve packed if you need to get hold of an item before moving day!