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Packing for the Big Move

Moving overseas can be extremely hectic, and it without a proper system of keeping tack of your things, you could easily lose a few or more valuable items. You also risk having your belongings damaged during transport. Here are a few preventive measures that you can take to ensure that your bags really are "packed and ready to go."
Wrap your furniture and appliances properly (in bubble-wrap, for instance) to protect it from friction and impact. Considering the number of materials you'll need and the time that this activity will take, it might be a good idea to seek professional help instead of doing it yourself.
Take out items that you don't want tumbling around inside the vacant spaces in your furniture. This will probably include kitchen utensils, tools, and fragile items.
Clear out any mess such as food items. It's also a good idea to get rid of anything moist or damp.
Don't stack breakables such as dishes and glasses. Rather, line them alongside each other to avoid putting too much pressure on any one item. Also, have them individually wrapped.
Remember to label each pack appropriately so that anyone handling your things will be aware of how to properly care for them. It will also help you unpack once the moving is done.