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Packing Delicate Glass and Ceramic Items

When you are moving house, the most worrying part of the whole thing will usually be the idea of your things in their boxes, and the fact that after a certain point, you cannot protect them any further. Once the boxes are put in the van, they will be out of your reach, and unfortunately, this will mean that they can be subjected to all sorts of things that you are not aware of. Everyone fears that they will open up their boxes and find a load of broken items, so why not be as diligent with your packing as possible to prevent such a thing happening? The fact of the matter is that your packing is the last barrier between your things and damage, so you should pay particular attention to how your pack your glass and ceramic items, to ensure that they are still intact within your packing boxes at the other end of the removal, or when they go in to storage space.For a start, you need to be wrapping things well. Often people make the mistake of covering everything in bubble wrap, and whilst this can be necessary for some extremely delicate items, you will find that most do not need a lot of it if you are clever. Instead, start by lining the box with a layer of bubble wrap, as this will reduce the impression of impacts from the outside of the box, as well as lessening the vibrations that come of the removal van’s movement and the engine running. To ensure that your things do not mark each other when they are nestled together, wrap the extremely delicate items in bubble wrap, but anything that is not paper thin can be wrapped in newspaper or tissue paper, to ensure that it is not going to mark anything else in the box. As you lay things in to the box, be sure to fit them in a way that makes them lock together a little. Having the boxes well packed will ensure that the items are in less danger of moving around a lot as they are transported, and this will reduce the amount of potential harmful contact between items in your packing boxes. Fill the spaces that are not filled with items up with scrunched up newspaper, as this will reduce the amount of potential movement that the items can undergo, and ensure that you are much better protected against potholes and any other sharp movements that may affect the boxes.Labeling the packing boxes as you fill them is essential as well. You will find that it helps you to unpack quicker and more easily when it comes to doing so, but it will also ensure that the boxes are treated in the right way! If a box is marked ‘books’ and is heavy, then the removals man will understand that it will be heavy, but that it is also solid; not much is going to damage a box full of books. However, if you have a box marked ‘heavy’ that is full of glass bowls and vases, then your mover may well assume that the contents are tough, and use it to keep a door open, or put it at the bottom of the pile of boxes in the van. This should obviously be avoided, as such treatment can result in breakages of even the heaviest of glass or ceramic items!