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Moving House: A guide to settling in

How exciting is moving home? Ok, it’s stressful, but the buzz of moving to a new place, settling into a new home, perhaps starting a new job and getting to grips with designing and decorating your new home is truly a very exciting and inspiring time in anyone’s life. But after the boxes have made their way into the living room and up and around the staircase, the moving men have gone and you’re left to get to grips with a new place, what was once exciting is now daunting, intimidating and perhaps a little bit lonely. If you have a lot of spare time, perhaps you stay at home or are taking time off work to adjust to the move, you can often feel like you have all the hours in the world yet nothing to fill it with. It can be a scary and lonely time which drains all the interest and opportunity out of moving home. This guide helps you get through that awkward transition of actually settling into your home. UnpackIt sounds terribly obvious, but so often we put off what we know actually needs to be done the most. Unpacking isn’t just a necessity; it’s also a great, therapeutic method of getting to know your new house and turning into a new home. By setting aside a few days to really put a stamp on a home and to transform it with your own belongings really does help. Don’t be tempted to put it off and live out of suitcases and cardboard boxes, instead, spend a day or two getting to know your new house by unpacking all of your items, deciding what goes where, what room is for what and what items best suit each room. It can be quite a therapeutic and inspiring way to really feel in control of your move. Make notesWhilst unpacking and settling in, you really get a feel for a new home and how it’s going to suit your needs. Perhaps you have extra space such as an attic or a garage and your new home is going to have far less clutter inside, in which case this is the perfect time to fill your home with brand new furniture, accessories and personality. On the other hand, you maybe downsizing, in which case you’re going to need to invest in some stylish and useful storage. If you do have the burden of spare time after moving home, why not get creative with how you approach redesigning your house? Get a scrapbook to make notes of anything you might like in your house; a large, elegant rug, feature walls, wooden floors, a walk in wardrobe? Next, get inspiration from the web and magazines to turn a crafty hobby into a design project to get your house just how you want it. ExploreFinally, now the house is starting to take shape, it’s time to get to grips with your new location. Often, moving home can leave you feeling alone and distanced from loved ones, routines and your old life. The best way to adapt is to fully immerse yourself in your new life. Start the day early and head off into the local town, start a relaxed day with a coffee in a local café and explore the centre. Visit the community centre or library, some good books will help with spare time and you might also find interesting groups and clubs to help you settle in and make new friends. If you enjoy keeping fit, or intend to start to like it, visit the local gyms, or if it’s a nice day, simply take a stroll to the park. Getting out there is the perfect way to feel at home after moving house.