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How To Shift Heavy Furniture When Moving Home

When you have limited help or a few family and friends to help you move those heavy items with your home move, moving heavy or awkward furniture can become a nightmare, but a little preparation and time can make moving heavy or awkward items a breeze. Firstly analysis the your space before you start the move, it will much easier to analysis how you are going to move heavy items before actual putting in the effort and then realising that it will not fit through the door for example. If you assembled the furniture in the room it is a good idea to measure the dimensions of the furniture and also the door frames and also any spaces which the furniture will need to pass before hand, but remember if the furniture does fit, it may not in your new home, so you will need to measure your new home also. For extra space and less weight whilst moving heavy furniture it is a good idea to remove any draws, feet, mirrors or anything else that can be taken of the furniture before you move it, this will not only make the furniture lighter to carry but some furniture will be easier to handle and carry without the doors or drawers in place, and will also give you a more lavage when moving out of smaller spaces. Move all the cushions from your settee or if you have a bed settee remove the mattress from the sofa before you move it this will enable you to manoeuvre an easy move through tighter spaces. If the furniture is extremely heavy them it may be worth hiring commercial sliders or a hand truck, this will not only be a much easier option whilst moving heavy objects but will also help save scratching wooden floors or ripping vinyl tiles, you can also transport numerous boxes and other items that can be stacked in one go to save time and energy.Another method to shift furniture is to lean your back into it and move it slowly, by doing so will take the pressure from your legs and arms, and can be done slowly to a pace that suits to avoid injury. Another approach is to lay on your back and move the heavy furniture with your feet, place yourself behind or at the side of the furniture bend your knees and gentle puss the furniture, this methods will also take the pressure from your arms and also your back, but ensure that the furniture is on a sturdy carpet or have casters that will not scratch or rip the flooring.If you do have to carry heavy objects or place them on a hand truck, carrying such items should be done in the correct manner, firstly lift items with your legs and not with your back, do so by bending your knees to a slight angle the lift with your legs in the first instance, whilst ensuring your upper back remains straight, then lift the item to its destination. If all else fails then it’s time to get in the professionals, sometimes moving heavy items should be left to the experts and it is worth paying for such services to save yourself a lot of time and pain in the long run.