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How to Protect Yourself from Dishonest Moving Companies

For a couple of years now , many people rely on companies to help them transport their belongings when moving out. The market is full of such companies, offering different services at quite affordable prices. Nowadays, there are so many moving companies that it has become too difficult for people to choose a good one. However, you should know that among these companies, there are some also known as 'rogue movers', which are disreputable and dishonest moving companies. This is why you should be extremely careful when choosing a moving company. Disrespectful companies use many and different smart tools to attract their customers. Truth is, there are more and more people, who find themselves fraud by disrespectful and fake moving companies. In order to protect yourself and avoid becoming a victim, you should know who these companies are and what are the most common way to attract their customers.

Who are the ‘'rogue movers'' ?

These are the companies , who charge their customers with additional and often very expensive fees. Usually, they work following one and the same pattern: customers connect with these companies online , they come and pick up your belongings and keep them until you pay additional money. Your luggage is kept in ‘'hostage'', like in a real kidnapping until you pay the money they asked you to. This is a very big problem and many people have become victims of the fake moving companies.
How can you protect yourself?

Truth is, planning ahead can help you protect yourself from fraudulent moving companies. You should remember that word of mouth is a very good way to find information you need. Ask friends, relatives , neighbors about their experience with moving companies. If this is not enough, read on the internet all the stories of people who have been victims of such companies. When you are checking a company on the internet, remember that a big ad and a good website does not necessarily imply reliable company. In fact, all the rogue movers find their victims on the internet.

When you are searching on the Internet try to find : whether the company has an office in your area, for how long they have been in the business and whether they have a local affiliation with any organization. Furthermore, try to find out, customer recommendations and feedback.

When looking for a moving company , most people are mainly interested in lower prices. However, don't be influenced by lower prices and additional extras. If the prices are much lower than the usual , you should be very careful. As people say, this is probably too good to be true. Lower prices could mean lower-quality services. Besides, fraudulent companies often attract their victims with lower prices and extras.

The last thing to have in mind is the insurance. Some customers think that the insurance covers the full value of their goods, which is not completely right. When choosing company make sure to ask for valuing options. Although, this is not an insurance , it still protects your belongings under  given circumstances.

When choosing a moving company , you should never assume its reliability and legitimacy , based on the website information. As shown above, fraudulent companies use their well developed websites to attract their victims. Always check any company you think is good enough, visit their office and ask for any documentation that shows the company is legitimate and reliable. Make sure to always check the company very carefully and investigate whether there are some filed complaints from customers.