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How to Anticipate a Rainy Day on Your Moving Day

You are ready to move and you have are just waiting for your move day, unfortunately, weather forecast announces that it will be a rainy day on your move day.
When everything is well planned and prepared for your move day, but nature does not seem to go along with your plans, all you need is an alternative way to make your move day successful. Here are some tips to help you move while raining:
If you are on a tropical weather, you need to anticipate that it might rain on your move day. Therefore, anticipating this scenario will make you ready even if rain will pour during your transit. It will also be better if you hire a closed truck. Ask your moving company if they have trailers that have roofs or they have closed trailers to anticipate a rainy day in your move day.
Prepare a plastic cover that will cover your furniture. If you have wood furniture, make sure to secure this first from the rain by covering them properly with water resistant covers or plastic covers.
If it is still raining when you reached your new home, try to go direct your moving team to use the garage door in putting your boxes during the unloading phase. However, big furniture that are wider than garage's door will have to be shift inside your house using your front door.
Place good doormats in front of your doorstep where the moving team can wipe their shoes on when they enter the house. This is to prevent mud and wet shoes to go directly in you house flooring or carpet.
 If there is a storm in your move day, it is better to reschedule it. Most moving companies will even suggest moving your move day to protect your furniture and valuable things from getting wet. Once you have confirmed that there will be a heavy rainfall on your move day, contact your moving company immediately for rescheduling.