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Basics for Movers

Moving can be such as stressful endeavour, and taxing on both the mind and the body. It's a lot of effort, but with knowledge of the basics, guided by some common sense, everything can work out for the good.
For one, there should a plan behind something as massive as a move. Regardless of whether you plan on moving yourself or if there are other people who will be moving with you - friends, family, or colleagues - there should always be some sort of blueprint to refer to so that you can keep everything on track. If you are moving alone, there isn't going to be a problem in coordination, but if there are other people involved, include them in the planning process and get their inputs, concerns, and opinions; ‘two heads are better than one,' like the old saying goes. Including other people in your planning will also minimize the chances for conflicts to arise, which can add even more stress to an already strenuous task.
Packing is also a very important factor in any move - consider the size and durability of the boxes you will be bringing. A piece of advice on boxes: never go near, much less exceed the weight limit for a particular box size. Also, pack based on rooms, so unpacking is more organized later.