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When is it Better to Hire Only a Van, without the Man?

When moving house you may be considering hiring a van for your removals. Removal vans can help to get the job done more quickly and effectively by reducing the amount of times needed for transporting your items from one address to another. Sometimes you may want to hire a man along with the van, to help with the move, but you don’t always have to go for that option, in certain circumstances it may be unnecessary to pay the extra costs for hiring a man along with a van. We are going to discover in what circumstances it may be more beneficial to only hire the van for your removals, Small removals If your removal is only a small, like a flat or a bedsit with minimal furniture or limited larger goods you may be able to save on removal costs by opting to hire only a van. You may need some extra help to lift larger items, but if you already have some help available it should be a manageable task. CheaperYes, by choosing to only hire a van and not the man should help to reduce costs of the service. You can hire a van for as little as £80 but a deposit in the region of about £150 is generally required. The deposit will be paid back to the customer though, and on the basis that the van is returned in its original condition prior to hiring it. Van hire companies will thoroughly check the vehicle before you take it and they will do the same when it’s returned. Any scratches or damage caused during the hiring of the van could result in a lost deposit, so it’s extremely important that you take care of the removal van whilst you have it so that you do not incur any added charges! Weekend removalsHiring the services of a removal company can be more expensive when hiring over the weekend. Many people prefer to move on the weekend because they have more time to do it, it may be because you have work commitments during the week but you more free time at a weekend. If it’s an office removal it could be less disruptive to a business if you move during the weekend rather than in the working week! Usually although people find the weekends the more convenient time to move, the price to move and hire is more costly and this is probably due to the fact that there is a demand for weekend removals. If you choose to hire a van and not the man it could help to reduce those costs because many van hiring companies offer a discounted rate to customers who hire the van for the whole weekend, not only is this a more affordable way of doing a weekend removal but also more beneficial because it allows you more time, you get a whole weekend to move your items rather than just a day service! Where to lookYou can find van hiring companies anywhere, some companies specialise in self-drive vans which customers can hire to use for their own specific needs. To find a self-drive service you can look online and check the prices to compare quotes. Some companies offer a complete removal service including man and van, maybe an assistant, packing service or van only option and again you can look on the internet to find you local companies. Other places to look are in the newspaper, leaflets adverts through your door and the telephone directories. Before you book make sure the company is reputable because the last thing you want is to make an already stressful situation more stress!