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The Correct Way to Pack "Fragile" Items

Packing is a tedious and time consuming task unless the proper preparations have been made beforehand and this is the general rule of thumb of packing. Packing "fragile" items can take a little more time but there is a way to prepare for packing these items quickly, correctly and still leaving yourself with plenty of time left over to continue with the rest of the move. To achieve this goal there is specific packing materials needed and a little bit of assembly line thinking.

Some of the materials needed:
Bubble wrap, filler paper, specialty boxes (optional), tape, tape gun, markers, a good size work space, a long table and stickers that say "fragile" but these are also optional. With all of these items your boxes can get packed fast efficiently and without trouble.

The first step:
In order to get the packing done with speed it is necessary to set up a workspace with all of your materials within reach and plenty of room to work. Set up a long work table and lay out all your packing material the way you see working best for you. Try to leave yourself plenty of space to move around, you don't want to box yourself in or you won't be able to dance to the music while you are packing or the space to just move around freely.  

The second step:
Make a list of everything in the home that qualifies for this type of packing and go throughout the home and bring a couple boxes worth of these things into your workspace. Try not to try and fit everything in all at once or you will overcrowd the work area and it will make the work slowdown. Then just start wrapping and packing your items that you brought into the work area. After finishing the first round of items, go out for more and repeat this process until everything is done.

Some tips for packing:
Remember to mark tape and put your fragile stickers on each of the boxes after they are packed. When packing dishes you can purchase specialty boxes just for this application and it will speed the process of packing these items by at least hours. These boxes are called "dish packs" and they have cells or dividers in them, so you will not have to wrap any of the dishes to be moved. The most you will have to do when using dish packs is use filler paper to fill in any empty spaces inside the box. Filling in empty spaces is critical to the stability of the contents of any box. Remember to fill in every empty space inside of boxes not matter what the contents are this will keep them safe and the boxes stable for transport. Don't be afraid to use lots of filler paper while packing. Items that are extra fragile should be wrapped in bubble wrap and separated by filler paper on all sides.
If you follow these small tips and these steps for packing then none of your sensitive belongings should be damaged during your move.