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Organise Your Flat before Moving

Don't leave your flat in disarray before you move to your new home. Be kind and considerate to your landlord and the new tenant moving in--follow these tips below to organise your flat before moving.
1. Sort through all items and furniture. Keep the ones you can use in your new home and donate the ones you don't need to charity. You can also hold a garage sale before moving to be able to help raise money for moving expenses. Do not leave any item behind before you move.
2. Settle all payments and your lease contract with your landlord. Find out when your lease is ending and arrange your moving day around that date. Settle all unpaid utility bills and make sure your rent has been fully paid. Inform utility companies as well that you will be disconnecting their services.
3. Fix all damaged items in your flat. Fix and repair all water leaks, damaged door handles or electrical outlets and repaint your walls if you had your walls painted a different colour. Most lease contracts state that the walls of your flat have to be in their original colour before you leave.
4. Clean out and repair all appliances. Check if the heaters, stove, gas pipes are working and repair all damaged items.
5. Switch off circuit breaker before leaving. Prevent fire and switch off your flat's circuit breakers before you go.
6. Unplug all appliances. Appliances that are a part of your old flat should be unplugged and turned off before you leave.
7. Discard all flammable materials properly. Aerosol cans and other flammable materials should not be left inside your flat when you go. Discard all of these properly--don't puncture or burn them.
8. Clean out the refrigerator, defrost and clean. Food that is left in a refrigerator for months will get stinky and moldy. Discard all uneaten food, clean and defrost your refrigerator. Be sure to unplug it as well before you leave.
Just because you're moving to a new home doesn't mean that you can just leave your flat the way it is. Be kind to the new tenant and your landlord--organise and clean your flat before moving out. Keep the above tips in mind before you leave and move in to your new home.