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Cheap Removal Company Alternatives

When you have potentially spent thousands of pounds to find your new home you will want to save money as much as possible. When factoring in the costs of using a removal firm these costs can increase exponentially. There are ways and means of completing a removal without resorting to using a removal company. These following suggestions will help you to make an impartial decision on the best way for you to complete a removal.Man and a VanIf you do not want to complete the move on your own, using your own vehicle you can use a man and van service. Man and van services are readily available nationwide and offer a cheap alternative to larger removal firms. Prices can vary between different man and van services, so shopping around is important. Finding man and van options are easily done online, and through the yellow pages or directory enquiries.  There is no quality control for man and van firms so be sure to complete your research in to the company and make sure they are reputable and going to take care of your belongings. If you know a friend or family member that has used a certain man and van firm ask for their opinions. Many man and van companies rely on word of mouth to find new business so this is the best way to find a good firm. If you are unable to get first hand feedback on a firm try and find a company that has received reviews and feedback online. Try and find reviews for the same company on different websites so you know the information is impartial and as accurate as possible. You will need to check with the man and van firm whether your items are insured as they may not be able to offer this service, which is why they are often cheaper than larger removal companies. Forget the man, just get a vanIf you don’t feel you would like to trust all your valuables in a man and his van you can cut out the middle man. Renting vehicles of all sizes is easy for anyone who holds a valid driving licence. There are numerous vehicle rental companies nationwide and they offer variety of different size vehicles for different prices. Certain larger vehicles, like HGVs can require a specialist licence. Completing a removal this way means that you are in charge of all aspects of the moving. This may give you peace of mind by knowing how your items are being transported as well as the safety of your belongings. On the other hand it also means that you are going to have to complete all the packing and heaving lifting yourself, which is hard work. Completing a move entirely on your own will require much more planning and preparation. You may struggle moving some of your larger items like fridges, tables and sofas. You may also find that these larger items will not fit into the van or removal vehicle you have rented. It must be noted that there are additional costs involved when renting a vehicle, like insurance premiums and excesses. These costs can soon increase the price and may make this way of completing a removal more expensive than you anticipated.