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A Student's Guide to Fast-packing your Home

Planning an efficient and timely house move can, and should, take at least a few weeks. You’re going to need time to ensure that your new property is sorted, your old home is packed and that your travel arrangements are sorted, and you shouldn’t underestimate how big these jobs are! If you’ve gotten close to moving day and you still haven’t packed your belongings, try not to stress too much. There are plenty of ways you can pack in a hurry, just have a look at this handy guide for tips on how to pack your home as quickly as possible. 1)    Packing materials.Packing materials should ideally be found weeks in advance, but if you haven’t managed to find the time then try not to stress too much. Get as many cardboard boxes as you can from your local supermarkets and shops to pack smaller items. You can also borrow suitcases off family and friends to cart your belongings from property to property quickly and easily. Another great idea is to use any plastic storage boxes or drawers you might have in your home – pack them with as much as they can carry and use masking tape to seal any drawers. This will prevent them opening and scattering your items everywhere! 2)    Planning.Try to come up with some sort of plan. Packing room-by-room is a great idea to ensure you’re not forgetting anything. This also means you’re not going to be living with the clutter that packing up your home is inevitably going to create! 3)    Clothes.Your clothes can be packed easily into suitcases or – if you aren’t concerned about creases – bin liners are a great option. If you are concerned about creasing your clothes then a suitcase or plastic storage box is by far the best option – don’t waste cardboard boxes on clothes, as they aren’t going to fit that much into them. 4)    Electronics.It’s important to make sure your electronic equipment isn’t going to break in the move. You can use old towels, bedding or even clothes in lieu of bubble wrap to ensure your products are well-protected. If you have the original packaging for your television or laptop then try transporting it in this – this is the safest and most reliable way to do this without paying a removal company for moving boxes. 5)    Kitchen.Your kitchen is most likely going to take the longest to pack. Use newspaper to pad out your boxes so transporting your crockery isn’t going to end badly. Make sure you don’t over-pack your boxes, as this is likely to lead to breakages. All your boxes should be sealed with packing tape, and clearly labelled as fragile. If you’re taking some appliances with you, they’re best off in their original boxes, but a padded-out second-hand box will do in a pinch. 6)    Essentials box.Make sure you have a clearly labelled essentials box for the first night in your new property. You’re going to want bedding, toilet roll, some crockery and cutlery, your phone charger, hygiene products and anything else you use on a regular basis. This should be the first box you unpack, so it should be the last one you take with you!