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Tips on How to Avoid Injuries during a Move

Removals entail packing and lifting heavy objects and boxes. If you are not careful your body especially your back and neck could get stiff or worse, injured during the move. That is why you should be careful starting from the way you pack your things. The trick is to limit the weight of your boxes. So if you are packing heavy items such as books and CDs, you should use medium to smaller boxes only. By choosing smaller boxes, they would not be very heavy even if they are full. Of course, if you already have bigger boxes you can only fill them up to half or a third and fill the rest of the space with light materials too. Not only will you lessen the weight, you also prevent the boxes from getting torn.

If there are really heavy items, it is best that you do not overexert yourself. You should ask help from several friends in lifting these items. The weight would then be distributed so there would be less weight supported by your back, legs and neck.

On the other hand, you should be careful in packing sharp objects as well. Cutlery should be individually wrapped so they will not puncture the boxes. This also prevents them from cutting whoever is handling the said boxes.