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Things To Avoid When Moving Office

While there are many articles offering advice on how to make your office move a success, there are far fewer outlining the common mistakes which you need to avoid during the moving process. So here are some of the simple mistakes that are often made during an office move that can be avoided with just a few simple steps. •    Using Unreliable Moving Firms – When you’re moving important customer or sales information, it is vital that a reputable and reliable moving firm is used to ensure it is in safe hands. Similarly, when you’re moving expensive computers or electrical equipment, you want to be sure that nothing is going to get lost, stolen or damaged along the way. To avoid this, make sure that you do research on the removal firm before they’re hired and make sure that you get reliable references or recommendations from other local businesses or industry connections.•    Leaving Confidential Files Unattended – Similarly, it is easy to forget about keeping your confidential business files safe during a move. Just because they’re in a clearly labelled box, it doesn’t mean that no one will try and take a look. It may even be wise to get sensitive information moved separately to the rest of your office items to ensure that you know exactly where they are at all times. You don’t want them to get lost or get into the wrong hands so make sure that plans are put in place to avoid this at all costs.•    Lack of Communication – Failure to communicate with customers, employees and the relevant moving firm can result in chaos on moving day. Workers don’t know where to go, removals men don’t know where things are going and customers go elsewhere. So make sure you communicate clearly through as many channels as possible to avoid any bad publicity or disgruntled staff. •    Disruption To Opening Hours – Many offices choose to close their phone lines down for the day while they move, frustrating customers and losing many possible sales. And while in some cases this may be unavoidable, in most cases measures can be taken to ensure that a phone line is working at all times. Make sure that your phone line provider is aware of the move as early as possible and try to keep you existing phone numbers if you can. This not only avoids any confusion but also saves you from updating promotional literature, websites, business cards and other company stationary.•    Using Unsuitable Packing Materials – While every business needs to keep to a tight budget, skimping on your moving costs can lead to dire results. Broken boxes and poor wrapping can cause serious breakages, leaving you with a hefty replacement bill or increased insurance costs. With just a little bit of investment in quality packing materials, you can significantly reduce the chances of this happening, making your move a little bit less of a stress.•    Over-Packing Boxes – As with the above, another common issue with office moves is employees over-packing boxes to save on space and packaging costs. However, while the intentions may be good it can cause damage to your items or make them difficult move on the day. If you can afford it, hire professional movers to pack up your things before you go so that you know your files and computers are in the best possible hands.•    Panic – When it comes to the stress of moving day, many coordinators struggle when things don’t go to plan. If you plan for every scenario before-hand then you can feel comfortable no matter what goes wrong, maintaining a calm and stress-free demeanour in front of your colleagues, customers or moving professionals.