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Do-It-Yourself Moving Tips

Breaking the bank to facilitate your home relocation isn’t necessary. You don’t have to hire a professional removal company to get the job done, as there are ways to do it alone! Going the DIY route when moving house is definitely a challenge, but if you find your budget rather tight, then this might be your best or only option! It’s true that professional moving companies deliver exceptional services, including packing services and furniture removals, but by hiring a man and van service or simply opting for removal van hire, you can get the job done, albeit with a little more blood, sweat and tears! However nothing is impossible. Read on to find out how you can achieve cheaper, yet simple house removals!There are a couple of cheap removals solutions out there and it’s really entirely up to you which one you go for. Begin by drafting a thorough moving checklist and outlining your budget. That way you will see clearly in black and white what items need to be moved and when your moving date is… not to mention how much you can spend on your relocation, from start to finish! There’s absolutely no reason your move should be too stressful, not if you are well organised and efficient! Remember dilly-dallying could be your downfall, so be prepared well ahead of your planned moving date! By knowing exactly what items you’ll be transporting you’ll be able to determine the size of the moving van you’ll require! Also if you haven’t got a parking space, contact the local council and have the parking bay areas suspended so you have easier access to and from the van when moving furniture! These are all things that professional moving companies consider when performing a job, but they happen to charge a lot more for doing so!Probably the most taxing part of carrying out your own move is packing up all your belongings! You need to reserve a day or two for this and instead of buying brand new packing boxes, why not visit your local supermarket or a nearby warehouse and see if you can pick up some second hand cardboard boxes. They might not be as sturdy as newly purchased professional packing boxes, but if you double box all your belongings and use a strong brown packing tape, your belongings will be safe from damage! To top it off you’ve also probably saved yourself a fortune just by being resourceful! After all going solo on a move is usually about spending less and getting more for your money! Remember to clearly label your boxes with their items and to stick FRAGILE on the outside. A helpful tip is using coloured stickers to identify your boxes. For example use yellow stickers on boxes for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom items, red for bedrooms etc. Also remember to jot down which colours are assigned to what rooms on your moving inventory! The last thing you need is to get confused when unpacking! Make sure you use crumpled up pieces of old newspaper or bubble wrap to protect fragile items in boxes.So next up let’s talk about loading the moving van! Place your heavier boxes and larger items of furniture at the far end of the cabin and use blankets, sheets and pillows to stop items from moving around during transit and sustaining any damage! If you don’t mind getting behind the wheel, then you can opt for van hire. This is so flexible as you can carry out your move in your own time on your preferred date. However if you’d rather not drive the van then why not consider man and van hire?