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A Step by Step Guide for Inspecting an Apartment

It is very difficult to find a nice and cozy apartment nowadays. Once you find a most suitable apartment, do not be too eager to sign the lease yet.  You need to inspect the place to see if it does not have serious weaknesses or problems.  So here is a simple guide which you can use for inspecting an apartment.    1.  Check the doors, windows, and the locks.  Make sure that the doors are sealing properly and the locks are working.  There should be no broken windows in the apartment. The window latches and locking systems should work properly.    2.  Check for physical problems like floor stains, weak dividers, peeling wall papers, and roof leaks.  Look for signs of weaknesses like dents, holes, or cracks on the walls.  Roofing leaks can be identified by tell-tale marks on the ceiling.    3.  Check the electrical system by turning on the lights and testing the power sockets. The heater or the air-conditioning should work excellently.  You must also check the water pressure to find out if you can get enough supply for your daily needs.    4.  Lastly, check the fixtures and the appliances.  Make sure that they are not damaged so you can avoid paying for repairs.